South Yorkshire Police have released an E-FIT image from descriptions of a woman they are keen to identify following a series of assaults in Dinnington.

An 18 year old male cyclist was involved in a road collision with a gold BMW M4 on Thursday 26 August at around 12:35am on Athorpe Road.

The occupants then stepped out of the vehicle and cut the victim’s face with a knife.

The following day at around 12:50am, the victim, while walking on St Johns Road, was jumped by occupants of the gold BMW M4 and a charcoal Vauxhall Corsa, occupants of both vehicles made threats towards the victim and a woman exited the BMW and slashed the victim’s face with a knife.

On September 1, the victim encountered the same woman driving the charcoal Vauxhall Corsa again on Athorpe Road, this time there was no physical attack, however the woman made several verbal threats before driving off in the direction of Church Lane.

Since these incidents, police have conducted extensive enquiries to locate those involved. 

Police now want to speak to the woman in the E- FIT, as she may hold information that may help them with their enquiries. 

If you have any information, please contact police on 101 and quote the following crime reference number: 14/131023/21.