Residents in Wickersley North had the opportunity last week to get creative and make scarecrows with materials supplied by Rotherham Council.

Materials for the scarecrows are paid for by the Community Leadership Fund which provides councillors with a small pot of money to distribute to initiatives in their ward. Rotherham Council have asked the money be spent to support community safety, environmental causes and those that address mental health and loneliness.

Wickersley North councillor, Sue Ellis, used her portion of the fund to help set up the scarecrow challenge in her ward. The challenge encouraged residents to work together and create the best scarecrow possible.

Locals picked up straw from Wickersley Parish Council and created a variety of scarecrows including jolly farmers and Stuart the Minion.

A council spokesperson said: “A huge well done to everyone who took part in the Scarecrow Challenge – the scarecrows were brilliant and have brought joy to the [Wickersley] community.”

Stuart The Minion

Scarecrows designed by a family in Wickersley, including superhero Thor

Smiling scarecrow enjoying his teapot