Volunteers at homeless charity Shiloh Rotherham took to the streets early Wednesday morning for their monthly rough sleeper walk.

Those that take part start at 4am and follow up on reported sightings of homeless adults sleeping on the street, offering valuable resources, advice and housing options to those that need it.

Partnered with Rotherham Council’s Housing Services, the team consists of professionals who are able to help those in need of services from agencies such as the NHS, the South Yorkshire Housing Association and South Yorkshire Police.

Steve Wylie, Shiloh’s Chief Executive, said: “the rough sleeper outreach walks are one of the countless unseen ways that partners come together, bringing their skills and resources to benefit vulnerable adults”.

“If we truly want to end rough sleeping, then we need to do it together”.

While the outreach program takes place on a roughly monthly basis, Shiloh offers daily support to people struggling with homelessness.

They aid people in need of accommodation, hot meals, mental health and addiction services, and offer on-site appointments with local nurses from Monday to Friday.

Shiloh also assists vulnerable people with employment, helping with CV preparation and job applications, as well as work placements and volunteering within the community.

If you require support from Shiloh, their support centre is open Monday to Friday at 15 Station Road, Masbrough, or they can be contacted at 01709559504.