The daughter of a solicitor killed in a hit-and-run is appealing to Rotherham residents for support in getting a new law passed to reduce the time allowed before reporting road incidents.

Shakeel Sheikh, 52,  was hit and killed by Daniel Petchy, 28, in January last year.

Shakeel worked as a solicitor and often travelled to Rotherham to help many people in the area.

His daughter, Jazmine Bonnell, 33, said: “He’d left my dad on the road to die.

“We never got that chance to sit with our dad and say goodbye.”

The family are now campaigning for the implementation of “Shakeel’s Law”, which will require all road traffic collisions to be reported to authorities immediately, with the minimum and maximum sentences for failure to stop at collisions that cause death or serious injury to be increased.

Mrs Bonnell said: “If you want to support us we’d be very very grateful as a family.

“We thank everybody who has supported us so far. We don’t want anyone to be affected the way that we have in the future.”

English law currently gives people 24 hours to report a road traffic collision, including hit-and-run collisions, meaning Petchy didn’t hand himself into police until the following evening.

After hitting his victim, Petchy had time to get out of his car and collect his bumper before getting back in and fleeing to his home. It took 44 minutes for someone to get an ambulance for Shakeel.

Mrs Bonnell said if the law had required Petchy to immediately contact authorities, he may have taken actions to hand himself in earlier, or even get help for her father.

Petchy received a two year suspended sentence and a two year driving ban for the incident, a sentence Mrs Bonnell and her family feel is a “let off.”

Mrs Bonnell said: “We have had no support since the court case and Daniel Petchy is getting back to normal life. The car that killed my dad is still on his drive”

“They say your car isn’t a weapon but they are. They are the biggest weapon you’ve got.”

If you’d like to support Shakeel’s Law, you can sign the online petition here.