The Rotherham Youth Cabinet have been nominated for the Youth Volunteering and Social Action Award for their anti-hate crime initiative.

The accolade is part of The National Children and Young People Now Awards, which celebrates those who have actively tried to make a difference in their local communities through volunteering, social action and campaigning.

The Youth Cabinet have spent almost two years creating a hate crime charter to encourage Rotherham schools to sign a pledge to combat hate crime in an effective way.

Rotherham Councillor Sarah Bellamy,  who works with the Youth Cabinet, said about the group: “They’re trying to make things better for young people across Rotherham… they’re really passionate about it.

“The young people involved in the project have been working on this all through Covid and during lockdown – they stuck with it so it’s really nice that they’re being rewarded and recognised for what they’ve done”.

By distributing their charter around schools, the Youth Cabinet have had a lasting impact on their community – some of the schools that signed up have since invited police and other professionals to talk to students about the issue of hate crime.

Bellamy continued: “In Rotherham the Youth Cabinet are well respected and the community are really responsive to them.

“They have a voice with influential people that make important decisions – they’re listened to”.