Rotherham Abuse survivor, Sammy Woodhouse, was just 14 when she became pregnant with her first son, after she was sexually abused by Arshid Hussain, the leader of the Rotherham grooming gang.

Hussain was found guilty in 2016 for 23 offences against nine women, one of which was Sammy.

The author and activist has called on the government to give children born from sexual violence legal secondary victim status, so they can seek professional help.

Sammy Woodhouse is campaigning for children born from sexual violence to have legal victim rights.

The 36-year-old explained there was no specialist services available to her son, so he could deal with how he was conceived.

She told The Rotherham Current: “If you think about Rotherham alone you have 2,000 victims, that’s just on exploitation, we’re not even covering domestic violence. So, if you have 2,000 victims and they’ve all had children there is no service that works directly for them. 

“If I go to a service and say I’m a rape victim or I’ve been through child exploitation, straight away they have got a service for me. Not one person had a clue what to do with my son.”  

Sammy was furious after MP Victoria Atkins, the former Safeguarding Minister, ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to reply to her letter asking for support services, including funding and training support to mothers and their children.

Sammy’s son has also reached out to MP’s and ministers explaining how difficult it has been for him without any support services.

She continued: “He was actually refused from most services saying he wasn’t severe enough, I mean I never talk about my son but it’s b***sh**.

“There’s also women that have been raped by their fathers, so the children are majorly disabled so, it’s important children are given a voice within the law.”

Sammy has now contacted the new Safeguarding Minister, Rachael Maclean, and both Tory and Labour MPs urging them to make this a cross-party campaign.

She has also received the backing from Rother Valley MP, Alexander Stafford, and hoped the law would be put forward on the upcoming Victims Bill.