Coronavirus infection rates in Rotherham are at their highest levels since the pandemic began last year.

As of Monday 18 October, Rotherham had an infection rate of 593.6 per 100,000 people. This number is projected to increase over the coming days.

Rotherham Director of Public Health, Ben Anderson, said: “The infection rate in people aged over 60 continues to be of serious concern and is now 317 per 100,000 – still much higher than the national average.”

Many of Rotherham’s most recent Covid-19 cases have been in the 18-years-and-under age group. 60% of recent cases have been under-18s, which Mr Anderson said is now leading to additional spread amongst friends and family as people become more comfortable without restrictions.

He said: “Unfortunately, this could lead to some grandparents and vulnerable adults becoming ill with the virus.

“Getting tested regularly and taking preventative measures gives families peace of mind so when they are meeting, they know their risk of catching the virus is minimised.”

Rotherham Council is advising parents and grandparents of children attending school to get vaccinated against the virus, in order to prevent themselves from getting seriously ill if they contract it.

There have been 832 covid-related deaths in Rotherham since the pandemic began.