Over the summer holiday period, Yorkshire Water documented 7,865 incidents of people swimming or intending to swim at their reservoirs, despite the dangers of inland swimming.

Most of these cases involved children without any adult supervision. Visitors often didn’t know the dangers they could face when swimming in the reservoirs such as hidden currents, unseen machinery, and the threat of cold water shock.

Gaynor Craigie, Head of Land and Property at Yorkshire Water, said: “Sadly, our region saw a number of tragic water-related deaths over the summer, and we experienced a dramatic increase in people swimming at our sites, despite warnings not to enter the water.

“We urge people not to take any risks by getting into the water for any reason. The risks at reservoirs are often underestimated and it is important to raise awareness of these dangers.”

Yorkshire Water have been promoting water safety in local schools and want to ensure school children know the risks before they enter the water. 

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue and campaigns like Sign Up for Sam have also been raising awareness about the dangers of inland swimming in the region.

Sign Up for Sam is a campaign that promotes awareness in memory of 16- year-old Sam Haycock who died at Ulley Reservoir in May.

You can find out more about the Sign Up for Sam campaign here: https://therotherhamcurrent.jusnet.co.uk/sign-up-for-sam-2/