Rotherham Rescue Rangers have announced they are no longer going to be a charity by the end of December this year, following tough discussions between staff and volunteers.

In a post on Facebook, founder Fay Drabble wrote: “30 years ago several friends and I helped set up RRR and we achieved far greater things than I could ever have dreamed of.

“The RRR seven trustees feel it’s the right time to close and feel the way forward lies with the larger animal charities we have always worked closely with and have been so thankful for their support.”

The Rescue Rangers were established in 1992 to prevent the suffering of abandoned and homeless animals in Rotherham and surrounding areas.

They also aimed to stop unwanted litters of cats and dogs being born.

The team especially wanted to help those on low income or benefits to pay for vet bills and did so by giving vouchers to those in need.

Around 150 people have commented on the post announcing the closure, with many being those who adopted animals that were rescued by the rangers.