An independent Rotherham retailer celebrated Bookshop Day on Saturday alongside others around the country.

Typeset, an arts-focused bookseller, opened its doors last month and hoped the campaign would encourage people to support their local high street.

Held on 9 October, Bookshop Day was organised by the Booksellers Association and aimed to promote local retailers at a time when most consumers buy their books from large online businesses like Amazon.

Inside Typeset bookshop, located on Rotherham High Street

Zoyander Street, an artist and one of the founders of Typeset, said the day helped put pressure on the council and local MPs to support smaller businesses.

They added: “There are issues concerning proposed changes to the law around the management of intellectual property rights that would really negatively impact bookshops.

“Bookshop Day is a moment to stir up a bit of conversation with representatives, MPs and lawmakers about these problems”.

Zoyander, who launched Typeset with three other artists and curators, noted how business rates were often the highest expense for bookshops, and the pressure faced by local councils often caused independent businesses to struggle.

“We’re really fortunate in Rotherham that our local council is super supportive of creative businesses…it’s quite easy to get business rates exemption here but that’s not the case everywhere”.

Zoyander Street, one of the founders of Typeset

The community response to Typeset was overwhelmingly positive, after many came in to say how good it is to have a bookshop again.

However, the store hoped to improve people’s perception of Rotherham by creating a ‘Mardy Jar’, which “charges £1 per whinge about Rotherham”.

Zoyander said: “People can say what’s on their mind and they can complain, but it’s also good to support the people who are trying to make things better”.

The Mardy Jar

Typeset also boasts a typewriter station, which anyone can rent in order to have a distraction-free creative space to work at.

Zoyander added: “Rotherham hasn’t had a brick and mortar bookshop like this for several years”

“There hasn’t before been a space that you can go and have that bookshop experience, people really miss that”.